BMW M8 For Sale
BMW M8 For Sale

BMW M8 For Sale

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BMW M8 For Sale BMW 8-Series just returned after a long break, and the German automaker has plans for an entire lineup of its Svelte-topper range.

Both the Coupe and Cabriolet in the 8 series have officially debuted, and photos of the M8 coupe have been leaked on the Internet. The Series 8 of Gran Coupe has been spotted testing on public roads, and now its most powerful brother, the M8 Gran Coupe, has been caught testing as well.

While the word Coupe is in the name, the M8 Gran Coupe is actually a Fastback sedan with a hatch. Expect the car to debut late in 2019 or first 2020 and go on sale shortly after. Set to replace the M6 Gran Coupe in the lineup, you square with the Audi RS 7, Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe, and Porsche Panamera.

BMW M8 For Sale
BMW M8 For Sale

Premiered last March with the concept of the M8 Gran Coupe, the Super sedan sits down and wide and features massive forward air vents to power the turbocharger thruster under its bonnet. Said Powertrain will be a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharger V-8 making about 600 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque. Expect even more in the spec Competition. An 8-speed automatic gearbox mixes the power through a sophisticated integral traction system developed by the M division.

Large brakes lurk behind the big wheels, and carbon ceramic rotors will likely be on the list of options.

Inside, the bmw m8 gte for sale Gran Coupe will be the standard BMW fare with a sporty twist from the M department. Expect Sports seats, a M steering wheel, a lot of M badges, the last M gear selector, and hopefully the more traditional design of the gauge cluster Round.

At the base of the entire 8-series line is the CLAR modular platform with multi-material construction that debuted in the 2016 7 series. Some Carbon fiber bits in the structure should help keep the weight down, but the 8 series Gran Coupe will probably still be a porker once it hits the scales. The 850i coupe weighs in a not so light 4,478 pounds, and the Gran Coupe will certainly weigh more.

Expect a lot of suspension bits to be updated on the more pedestrian 8-series models, including larger anti-roll bars to help keep the body from tripping over itself. Extra Reinforcement, both under the M8 Gran Coupe and under its bonnet, is a given to keep the structure from bending during the hard curve.

It’s too early to talk about pricing, but expect a starting point north of $150,000.

BMW M8 GTE First unit and M8 Ride prototype: Still spinning


My first introduction to the BMW M8 GTE race car is supplied with a yield procedure called extraction test. It’s something like this: like a stopwatch-tightening guy’s cue me, I kill the engine, pop off the safety net, rip off the communication cable of the helmet, release my six-point wiring without hindering the HANS device, and jump out of the ( Hypothetically burning) Vehicle. If I can pull out the sequence in less than seven seconds, I am considered worthy of track-testing of the car.

The creepy name drill is harder than it looks because the steel cage of the car makes the exit as easy as crawling through a rat hole. It Is also a sober way to drive home the brutal and potentially destructive power of the latest BMW Racer strain factory.

Although the bmw m8 e31 for sale actually brings few things – beyond its basic silhouette – in common with the BMW M8 spec-manufacturing that hits showroom later next year, the heavily dug runner and spoiler speaks volumes to the priorities of the Bavarian brand in this STI days. To begin with, it is the first time that BMW has ever unleashed the race car in competition before the road version hit the streets.

Powered by a Twin-turbocharger 4.0-liter V8 that is more compact than the M8 4.4-liter mill (but limited to between 500 and 600 HP, depending on the race specifications), the car GTE weighs a insignificant 2,689 lbs – some 300 pounds lighter than a Porsche 718 Boxster. And then there’s downlift. Although BMW Brass does not admit a specific digit, when asked if 1,000 kg (2,204 pounds) is far, the answer is “No “. Noted (GULP).

The Estoril circuit is damp by a light shower. But after the BMW race director thinks it’s okay to drive with the rain tires, the ritual begins. Helmet and racing suit worn, it connects me in racing cars and are tied by the crew Pit. REACH solutions are a bit embarrassing but absolutely necessary since my peripheral vision is limited by my stylus helmet. Once plugged and tied in the confines a little claustrophobic M8 GTE, the crew removes the hand warmers and the car is thrust into the pit lane on the “skates”-Free-Rolling, caster-wheels wheels that allow the racing car to be maneuvered around tight Boundaries before being lowered on the asphalt.

2020 BMW M8
2020 BMW M8

The GTE M8 is rich in technology to help you move as quickly as possible, but it is still quite feasible for the circuit to burn from the seat of the trousers. In Fact, there are aspects, like the lack of ABS, that make it a more pure experience. This is both emboldening and frightening all at once. The Brake pedal requires a lot of effort to operate; Proper two-foot guide involves a serious Stomp, ordinarily with 80 bar pressure, which will exhaust all quadriceps but more toned during a endurance race. The lock lights on the dashboard indicate when you’ve pressed too the brakes, but it’s actually hard to do it because the pedal requires so much pressure. Similarly, Shift lights indicate when the engines reach the top registers, but the power plant’s unholy scream also provides a sufficient signal for when it’s time to touch the carbon fibre blades.

While I settle for the pace of finding the lines of the Estoril circuit, which was made familiar to me through the previous days of the track in the new Z4 and M850i, the grip levels feel remarkably high despite the moist surface. Helping the angles of higher speed is the considerable downlift created by aggressive bodywork. It’s the slowest speed stuff that requires caution, although the traction and slippage controls are set to relatively tame levels of 8 and 7. (The Pros were running 5 and 5; the lower the number, the less the intervention).

If There’s anything to collect from the back-to-back experiences in these two seemingly similar but remarkably different machines, it’s that the BMW seems to have doubled its efforts to separate the big squishy tourers from the more agile, sharper sporty Set. The Z4 M40i. It’s amazing athleticism, though wrapped in a layer of civilization, talks about this trend, as does the M8 seemingly more focused demeanor.

As Brave but manageable as the M8 looks, the bmw m8 for sale south africa proves to be the mysterious mistress who fencing with speed, then punctures with impetuosity. Between the two, the race car is eminently more intriguing. It Is a taste of that delightfully taboo fruit that leaves you wishing for more, despite biting you in the proverbial ass. The next day I will fly home over the Atlantic, still playing the racing fuel and dreaming of Irascibil

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